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Thursday, June 26, 2008

As much as I know of the authors of this blog, it goes without saying that the blog ought to be heavily inspired by bollywood. Being a guest contributor, I believe that my contributions would essentially draw hints from bollywood, and connect it to various aspects of life.

In recent past there have been several "small" things making big headlines in bollywood. Be it small actors like Darsheel, small bikinis like those of Mallika or small budget movies like Aamir; all of them have left an everlasting effect in lives of regular moviegoers in India – a compassion for non performing kids, an oomph for youngsters and a hope for bollywood's wannabes. These successes come in wake of the fact that sheer opulence and grandeur which worked in days of Mughal-e-azam fails to deliver in the era where the simplicity of Taare Zameen Par outshines the sparkle of Jodha Akbar.

This wave of "smaller things" is further strengthened by a penchant amongst Indian filmmakers to make shorter films. Even the cinema halls have shrunk from 1000 seat auditoriums to 100 seat multiplexes; and are in line to transform into a 20 seat personal lounges. Observing all this, I am forced to think if this drift is a reflection of our busy lives and our interest to live power packed moments in the limited free time we get or is it some kind of senseless fashion trend. After all smaller mobile phones, small dogs (remember Paris Hilton's or a more desi Bipasha's chinhuana), and a smaller form of cricket – everything small seems to be in.

Keeping in synch with the theme of my debut contribution to this blog, I should keep it short for the time being and leave you to reflect on the 'bigness' of 'small'. I hope to be back with some useful stuff soon.

(The contributor is a current Kellogg School of Management student, Class of 2010)


Tushit said... ki poori advertisement kee jaa rahi hai...the writer is a current kellog student ;) u shud also write from bettiah...

Sensible Garbage said...

@Tushit: Bettiah has been brought on the World Map now. May the Bharthuar clan too get the desired filip through you ;) Give us some ISB masala now, would you :)

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