Monday, June 16, 2008

a.) Who we are?

A group of lazy, disorganized, partially disgruntled-partly successful and dreamy eyed people. Amongst us we have an engineer by chance, a manager by force and a lawyer who has never practiced. A very negative introduction indeed! But that’s just about us from a very ‘worldly’ perspective. Whiling away our time indulging in idle talks is a gift that we all possess in massive proportions. This is our attempt at venting it all out at one place to serve as a reference material for people having similar, opposite or no opinion at all. If this sounds too far fetched, then think of the blog as a proof of the abundant spare time that we have at our disposal.

Since we all are lazy, a few of our good old friends have decided to chip in and would be featuring as guest contributors. The list would include some budding high profile people who are yet to begin charging for each golden word they say. So watch out for it folks!

All in all it will be a blog run by many but managed by the three of us.

b.) Why a blog?

One reason of course is to document our silly ramblings. The other is quite thoughtful. One of us has been into blogging for a good two and a half years but the lazy ass didn’t have the urge to update stuff regularly. The rest of the two smart asses, meanwhile, didn’t even make an effort to create and maintain a blog and continued writing in our thoughts.

True, who likes to maintain additional overheads in life? It was primarily this thought that helped us decide on starting this. There are several of us who are not aware of the nitty-gritties of blogging or internet for that matter. We aim to get at least a few of them up from their slumbers to pen something that could be worthwhile for a lot of others to read. If you too belong to this breed, feel free to get on board. We would love to feature you here.

c.) What's this blog all about?

Pretty much everything that we can possibly write about. After umpteen number of discussions on topics as diverse as - life, sex, sports, politics and Mallika Sherawat's cup size, we felt that it would be great to have a documented version of all that and more. That's how the blog was conceived. We don't aim to write about any revolutionary stuff. It is as the title suggests - a dose of 'Sensible Garbage'!

We are still primal when it comes to organizing stuff. So, we don’t really see ourselves sticking to writing on a preset theme and having multiple categories in the blog to classify the blog entries on the basis of their types. We’ll learn as we grow and hope to get civilized along the way.


- We will, at times, talk derogatory of some people ONLY to generate hype and NOT to seek any personal vendetta. Our inspirations have been Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan who indulge in taking potshots at fellow colleagues to increase readership. Though less popular, we will stand by what we say and not retract like they do.

- The opinions might be biased but you, as a reader, will have full liberty to slam it and call us nuts right here – on our blog itself.

- We will not write about ‘Saif-Kareena bonding’, ‘Khali – the Mahabali’or run investigative series to cash in on the growing craze of the Indian News channels. We will not conduct opinion polls to seek public opinion on whether Saurav Ganguly deserves a place back in the one day side. We might not even have that high readership to conduct such polls even if we want to.

- We could be scathing, mild, presumptuous, politically incorrect, non-committal and factually incorrect at times. Our effort is not to stand guard to protect the sanctity of conveying unbiased information to uplift the society. It is about personal opinions that we want to share. Nothing more, nothing less!

- We don’t feel the need to give away our real names. For one, our names are pretty uninteresting. Secondly, we don’t want to confuse readers at this point in time with silly names. We want the blog to be our focus and not us. Last but not the least, it doesn’t even matter. In case you would still want to know the person who scribbled some totally unimaginative piece of shit some day, we would be happy to oblige.


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