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Monday, February 2, 2009

Ever been lambasted for not spending enough time at home? Are you tagged as a perpetual party pooper with your last minute withdrawals citing some "urgent" work that needs "immediate" attention? Well, guys I found just the right way to say sorry in such circumstances. Traditionally, men have resorted to accusing 'Work' as the culprit behind their inability to spend quality time with family and friends. Everyone knows that it could just be an excuse but there is hardly a better alternative. Now, with recession hitting hard and people going out of employment, the 'Work' excuse doesn't pass the muster. It's time for innovation and I found this wonderful poetry from Gulzar as just the perfect foil to soften the "Don't give me that WORK excuse" looks. Here's the poem:

Mujhe kharchi mein poora ek din, har roz milta hai.
Magar har roz koi chheen leta hai
Jhapat leta hai, unti se.

Kabhi kheese se gir padta hai to girne ki aahat bhi nahin hoti,
Khare din ko bhi khota samajh ke bhool jaata hoon mein.
Girebaan se pakad kar maangne wale bhi milte hain -
"Teri guzri huee pushton ka karza hai, tujhe kishtein chukani hai"

Zabardasti koi girvi rakh leta hai, ye keh kar -
"Abhi 2-4 lamhe kharch karne ke liye rakh le.
Bakaya umra ke khaate mein likh dete hain
Jab hoga, hisaab hoga"

Badi hasrat hai poora ek din ik baar main apne liye rakh loon.
Tumhare saath poora ek din bas kharch karne ki tamnna hai !!

If you read, you will find that Gulzar cleverly veils the reason behind the inability to spend time by accusing "koi" for forcefully stealing the time.

I know that I have shut all doors of forgiveness on myself in future by letting the secret out, you will appreciate my contribution to serve the larger cause of the society. I hope it helps you guys :-P


Anonymous said...

gulzaar itna pakau kyun hai

Carlos said...

Amazing poetry!!!

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