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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Till today morning, I was unaware that my voter ID existed. I had applied for a new card during the last Vidhan Sabha elections and was expecting to get one before the General elections but didn't have any update. Thanks to this link, I was able to track the status and got to know my ID number and the polling booth information. I am excited and eager to vote :)

One of the best things to have happened in the recent past is the level of information that we can extract to track records of people who represent us. This particular offering from Google in partnership with Hindustan Times is indeed a great help. You can check the development data for your constituency; learn about the candidate’s profile and track records including attendance in Parliament and also the latest buzz surrounding the Lok Sabha elections. In fact there is this other site that has provides the details of the MPs with criminal records. You even get to know the nature of cases against them. Let us try to make an honest attempt in understanding our representatives before the voting day.

I found it cumbersome to fill up forms for getting an ID and then getting it submitted but now with portals like, the task has become a lot easier. So folks if you still don’t have a voter id, get up and make use of the help that these sites are offering. Though the process may seem slow, the system does work!


No display name said...

how about a lazy bum who got enrolled but never got the time (or so he thinks) to go and deposit his form in the hard copy??

Sensible Garbage said...

@No display name: That's what we all do! But this is one pain that is worth taking, or not?

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