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Monday, September 7, 2009

Even though the heat of summer has receded, I still reel under the heat of a different kind. What started as a fun activity eventually turned out to be a tiring exercise. Just like DJ Suketu and Aqeel make their living out of RDB’s tunes, I thought of doing something similar. I took up one of my Dad’s books in Algebra and decided to give it a ‘fresh’ feel. I had a lot of time to kill at home with not much on offer at the office. I, therefore, decided to revamp the book and make its content more relevant for today’s students preparing for competitive engineering examinations. What followed was going back to the books, screwing up my movie outings and weekend binges, semi ostracization from society, reduction in telephone bills, a slight paunch and killing neck pain. It also cost me my new found love for blogging as the number of posts took a hit and so did the paltry traffic the blog had started to generated.

It has been more than five months and the work is ‘almost’ over. The word 'almost' makes me nervous. Nervous not because of the reception the book might get but because after hearing about the Government’s hyped INR 180 crore worth Chandrayan mission failure, ‘almost’ has started looking dangerous. Nothing’s really over till it is over!

Anyways guys, Shadow is a film that I am going to watch this week and will get back to you with a thoughtful review on it. Without taking away anything from the brave Nasser Khan who plays the protagonist, I must admit that it is films like these that keep our faith in Bollywood films going strong. I hope it matches the preview I gave for KRK’s Deshdrohi. BTW, I read that KRK has predicted that he will rule the industry in the next 5-10 years. He looks forward to towering over the other top-guns with his 8 inch heel shoes and a menacing moustache.

Has anyone of you read Jaswant Singh’s book on Jinn-ah! I heard it is a heap of personal interpretations presented as historical facts. Most of us didn’t know who Jinnah was until Jaswant rubbed his magical lamp to let him (Jinn-aa) out. I think Singh has won the war of publicity against SRK who’s recent brush with US migration officials in NJ caused him a lot of heartache and hurt his ego that doesn’t take a beating dancing at strangers’ wedding nights. Oh! he is an entertainer when he dances. How about some entertainment for the bored migration officials buddy? Aamir Khan did not join the debate and it’s just a coincidence that none of his films are due for release anytime soon. Jaswant’s book has become a best-seller with over 5000 copies being rushed to Gujarat, much to Modi’s discomfort. It has become equally popular in Pakistan. The old gentleman can now sit back at home and enjoy his evening drink with a pleasant sunset view in Darjeeling.

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