SRK snaps ties with Lux Cozi

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kolkata: SRK has snapped ties with Lux Cozi even before the IPL begins. SRK had earlier replaced Sunny Deol as the brand ambassador of Lux Cozi and had also signed a deal to endorse their products through his IPL franchise. The news from the Knight Riders' camp suggests that ever since SRK, or king as his cotorie calls him, heard about Kolkatans protesting against Lux Cozi underwears he became restless. He did not want a repeat of all that he went through during the release of MNIK.
SRK getting cozy - ye andar ki baat hai
The story goes that a study has suggested that the fabric used in Lux Cozi underwear causes itching and redness of skin. The Trinamool Congress decided to make it into a poll issue, sighting the discomfort that every redness in the world causes to the well being of people. Even though the communists denied having to do anything with the redness described in the study report saying that they anyways preached wearing indigenously made Shakti Kapoor underwears, TC went to the streets with its protests. SRK does not want to get embroiled in another political controversy and has therefore decided to snap all ties with Lux Cozi and focus on his team instead.

All players have been asked to return the complimentary Lux Cozi undergarment packs that was presented to them along with the Knight Rider helmet at a recent function. A fringe player in the team had this to say - "I am in a fix as I have already used the complimentray pack as you never say no to a SRK gift. Should I return the used ones?"


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