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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Here we are with the second guest posting for us. Pranshu has an eye of an artist. Right from the days when we used to sit and brain storm about farewell t-shirts during our college days, his creative ideas seemed to be on a different level altogether. Thank God, he finally decided to give himself a camera :)
Have a look at some of the pics that he thought of sharing with us and you will know what I mean. By the way, you won't be able to imagine the job that he is into. He 'rigs' oilfields now after spending a couple of years making steel in a scorching blast furnace - "Caught in the wrong job I guess :-P"

If its in your heart .. its all around

You have to have it in your heart and then you can see it all around. Its in your heart when you have goosebumps all over your body as you stand up to your national anthem, or witness a moment of pride for your nation. You dont need to cry out loud to feel it. As my India celebrates 60 years of its independence today, its still a long way to go before we make it equally good for all sections of our society and geography. Its not a great landmark in a nations history to mark 60th year of independence, its still a baby's birthday (15th August, 2007)

The Magic of Monsoon
Monsoon renders the landscape in the most soothing hues of green. Splashed by these magical droplets, trees and their leaves dance to the rythm of these winds.Winds which mean everything for farmers in our country, however, these winds overdo it at times but still. Its the best and unique thing to this part of the world. The Magic of Monsoon.

Hand of the Oracle

Holding the key to all secrets of the mysterious future. A flick of her beautiful fingers and it may reveal to you the darkest dangers or open up to you the reflections of a blissful era ahead. Slowly, ever so mysterious and elegant, she extends it to you. Come..Let me take you on a flight through time.

Flight of Fantasy
Silence Must be Heard

Godhuli Bela


rain girl said...

wow really!! he is REALLY in the wrong job...ask him to take on photography AND writing full time...

his photographs are simple..they don't hav special effects to enhance them, or pop them full emphasis on the subject - n i think that's what's looks so right. :)

superb work.. :)

Sensible Garbage said...

@rain girl: Message conveyed :) Real good work indeed!

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