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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

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This blog was christened by us with a premise; like all the rules of the world have an exception – even Garbage could be exceptional in some cases – and that’s what made us call it “Sensible Garbage” – It still is Garbage because it does no good to mankind – it does not change lives and it doesn’t necessarily have to exist.

It is precisely what we write about – things that don’t change the world. Even then it does make sense to some or atleast to the one (the author himself! :P).

Now why is this piece of writing called Senseless Garbage – I am trying to find an exception within Sensible Garbage – stuff that does not make sense to some – but to none – well, I am not sure if would – we shall see.

Not long ago I was thinking about the most complex matrix that this world has ever seen – a matrix which is beyond simple math – or even complex math (I don’t know if this term: complex math even exists) – a matrix which although so not inspired by the invincible movie trilogy – is still a baffling challenge for all thinking souls.

That matrix exists within all of us, in the conscious or in the sub-conscious – but the existence just can’t be denied. It’s a matrix that remains a challenge for a lifetime and the major cause behind a lot of human dissatisfaction. A matrix where reason and logic take a back seat – where equations and algorithms do not work – and can never work – where opinions rarely match and even when they do, they never do in absolute terms. It can’t even fit in a panorama – as it’s got wider implications than anything can contain.

Ok, lemme give this matrix dimensions; as the loose ends are not helping you understand the raison d'etre of this somewhat senseless garbage.

The matrix in concept is very simple – though in practice it can’t get more confusing – The Matrix is the Matrix that we build all around us over the years of our existence: of human relationships – especially so between opposite sexes. [My humble apologies to same sex relationships – I have not made a considerable effort in understanding them and making a comment on them would cause severe injustice to their cause]

Before I go any further – lemme tell you – this isn’t about your life or my life – these experiences have evolved with times – with ‘people’ that include you, me and a billion more – cinema, books, society at large, literati and the commoner, music, history and cultures, sensibilities and norms. So the discussion entailed is much bigger than what I think and what I am. It is somewhat generic to the entire human race.

In the process of evolution we were “programmed” in a way that by rule the opposites were to attract – and it was just a simple rule. The rule may find its reason in the need to procreate – there could be other reasons as well – however in my humble opinion procreation and attraction had an obvious connection.

Unlike procreation – which was a biological phenomenon – attraction was far from it. The instincts (the force behind attraction) just won’t understand the rules of the game. That’s what made us animals. However, in course of time the animal that we were could not remain so for too long. And this is what eventually created “The Matrix”.

The transition from being an animal to being tamed and being called a human necessitated “a layer” on the top of the untamed instincts – something which was intended to “restrict” attraction. Unsaid rules evolved over a course of time which were expected to govern when it was acceptable to get attracted and when it wasn’t.

The contradictions were obvious and they got worse over time. It is this phenomenon which creates all the chaos and makes this Matrix beyond any algorithm. There is a constant quarrel between the mind – (the layer) and the instincts. People who are sensitive and ‘”aware” of themselves find a force driving them towards attractive entities in their environs very often. Their sensitivity and awareness becomes the cause of all misery as insensitive and unaware rarely experience this force driving them.

It is the layer (the mind) which is expected to come to the rescue of the sensitive and aware and drive them towards a situation which is politically correct – however as I have been saying there is an exception to every rule – the layer at times is overpowered by instincts and it fails. We do all that what we are not expected to – at times unwillingly – but we still do it – we get attracted – and find ourselves in a situation of sorts – knowing that a marriage has no scope for a third person – or for that matter already being in love how could someone fall for a second one too and want them both. Or, oh there could be a million different situations…

Case in point – Krishna was also like one of us – just that he could make his own rules – and be with hundreds and thousands.

Part of Krishna lives in all of us; so we are no exceptions – however you and I can’t be the iconic Krishna that he was and make our own rules – so just don’t be too adventurous and screw it all up. We still have to live lives like ordinary people do; all that you have with you is your mind – so let it flow and that’s about it! ;)


Ranjit said...

Good writing... There's a lot of sense and hidden suggestions in the writing... True - we are all conditioned and "educated"... Somewhere I read on a T-Shirt - "I was born intelligent, education made me dumb" :)

Keep writing...

Paradise said...

htruely sensible ---not entirely garbage-- hope see more of ur ideas---:)

Prakash Sikaria said...

Keep it simple dude. Even Sharon Stone explained the same animal instinct u have been talking about with great ease. Tumne to dimaag ki maa behen kar di, samjhaane mein.

aJay singh... said...

This is really a sensible garbage...The core is really sensible....but u have made the simple thing so difficult.Saala CAT ka RC ban sakta hai ye...n I m sure percentile ki lag jayegi Baccho ki...Watch aany movie ...SERENDIPITY...or IF ONLY..and you would know how simple is the core of "sensible Garbage-THe matrix of life"....But gud read ...more of you is eagerly awaited....

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