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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The King is here! Akshay Kumar and SRK have been involved in a rat race to become Bollywood's King. Though they both have been running neck to neck for sometime now, there was always this difference in the way they fared. While SRK churned single big hits, Akshay churned a number of smaller hits. With Singh is King’s collections touching 28 crores in the first weekend, Akshay has gained a slight upper edge for the moment. SRK’s OSO had grossed 26 crores in its opening week. So much so for the stats. Now coming to the film, Singh is King, like OSO, is a glossy affair with little substance. Just like OSO, the credit for the success of the film should go to the producers of the film who have left no stone unturned to ensure that it runs on the steam generated out of its super publicity. Getting down to the dissection part now, let me talk about the film and the people behind it.

Producer (Vipul Shah): A smart Gujju bhai. Vipul Shah is man with the Midas' touch. Each of his films has been a bigger grosser than his previous one. He has an astute mind of a business man no doubt. Since he was not at the helm behind the camera this time around, he spent his energy on giving the film a very good production value. A lot was spent on publicizing the film. Tremendous hype generated now has Mr. Shah laughing his way to the bank. He wanted to make money with the investment and he has succeeded. Part played with aplomb. Kudos to him!

Director (Anees Bazmee): You don’t associate Anees Bazmee with Stanley Kubrick style of film making. He makes no brainers and that’s just about it. He completes a hatrick of sorts with his third straight film being declared a super hit (if you discount his Govinda starrer Sandwich that sprang out of nowhere a couple of years back). Anees Bazmee would give more hits in the times to come but he will never go into the annals of film history as a great director. There was a time when David Dhawan too gave back to back hits. They made money but never got the respect. Making money is one thing and getting acclaimed for them is another. This film is more about Vipul Shah and Akshay rather than Anees Bazmee. Having said that, you have to admit that he is an intelligent film-maker who understands the sensibilities of the Indian audience very well.

Actors (Akshay and Team): Akshay Kumar has slogged hard to be at the place that he is in now. Nothing seems boring when he is onscreen. His rise in comedy almost coincided with Govinda’s decline as the comedy king. He has given the art a new perspective and despite looking repetitive at times, gives you enough to smile about. As the goofy Sardar from sadde Dharmendar da pind, he excels and carries the whole film on his capable shoulders.

Katrina is one lucky girl. How many new faces get to become the arm candy of a superstar like Salman Khan and then get to work opposite another in films after films? Her plus – she looks beautiful. Her minus – she can’t do what she is intended to – act! But in hindi films, the heroines don’t need to act. Can’t help sounding like a male chauvinist here but sorry folks, that’s the status quo in the film industry today. Anyways, she might learn in the long run. More importantly, we all love Katrina, don’t we ;)

Support Cast: Able. Sonu Sood makes a dashing entry and is then relegated to playing the silent ‘ungli wale’ baba. Kirron Kher is just about okay. Javed Jaffery is likeable as the partially deaf and blind gangster. Ranvir Shorey is wasted in a part that even a TV actor could have played (Gosh! Am I sounding like a pig now? First the females and then the TV actors). Neha Dhupia plays the ‘Mona Darling’ part. She did it in Mithya recently and this one’s just an extension with a dash of nonsense.

Music (Pritam): Pritam the copy cat comes up with another hit album. Songs are good. I just hope that this album does not have at least one ‘inspired’ song for the sake of originality. Teri Ore is a romantic number and is picturised in Egypt. Picturization is similar to the Suraj Hua Maddham song from K Jo’s KKKG. The title song is a Sardar anthem. Bhootni Ke is an offbeat marriage song that you would love to mischievously play at a foe’s wedding. Jee Karda is a dance number. The other song(s) are passable.

Product (Singh is Kinng): Singh is Kinng is at best Welcome Part II. Overall just about a tolerable affair as it gets over in little over two hours. Songs are forced into the film at times. The climax is shoddy like it was in Welcome. The dialogues are funny. The Sardar touch is very much there. A film that you would best love to go with your buddies. Go watch it if you were able to handle mindless affairs like OSO and Welcome.

2 points for the gloss and 0.5 for what’s inside. That makes it a 2.5 out of 5 rating from my side!


No Mad Explorer.... said...

Nice review !!! I would avoid to watch this movie...thanks

Ahsaas said...

Nice Reviews !! 'Sing Is King' a muvi w/o story & wid some PJs (after first half) is running all over well coz of its 'Title' & d 'couple' in d muvi.... Was eagrly waiting for the muvi and watched first day first show but advsn u guyz not 2 waste money & time (spcly if u r on date) if u don't like muvis like 'Welcome'...

Sensible Garbage said...

@no mad explorer: You justify ur name with ur decision to skip the movie :)

@ahsaas: Singh is Kinng on a date..bad idea indeed :) There are not many film to get over this experience though :(

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