News agencies to boycott IPL, Bollywood in focus

Friday, February 19, 2010

New Delhi: News channels in the country have decided to boycott the upcoming IPL as a mark of protest against the new broadcast rules. The news channels are enraged by the restrictions imposed on them by the official broadcasters of the matches. The new rules do not allow the news channels to immediately broadcast footage related to a match.
    "You gotta be kidding me. Does it mean that my noodle strap and no strap show will be confined to just one channel?"
All the news channel call the ploy unfair and have decided to go ahead and focus on the bankable Bollywood to churn out “special” stories as the show must go on. Primetime special news programmes such as Match ka Mujrim and IPL ka sikandar will be replaced by equally investigative and intellectually loaded Mumbai ka hero and Entertainment ka sikandar.

Commenting on the stand taken by the news channel fraternity, the IPL commissioner Lalit Modi said that it was the news channels’ loss and not his. “With almost half the Bollywood buying teams and getting involved in IPL, I wonder where the news channels will fish out their Bollywood stories from,” said Modi. Rajat Sharma laughed off Modi’s comments saying that his channel will continue focusing on providing researched wholesome news experience that is drawn from real life as it has been doing all these years. He said that his journalists have got leads from aliens and they will be designing programmes showing life on these planets during IPL.


Ram Chandra said...

Suprising that rajat sharma had to wait for leads...I thought he himself was an alien....may be not anymore...heard he has taken refuge under a toupe

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