India draw level against South Africa, retain top test spot

Friday, February 19, 2010

Kolkata: The entire Indian team came to the party to pull off an amazing innings victory against South Africa. Harbhajan Singh came to the party to grab five crucial wickets and rip the South African batting apart. At the end of the match, Dhoni however chose to credit Gary Kirsten solely for this win.
Eden Garden: The Happy Hunting Ground

As per news emanating from sources within the team, Gary took it upon himself to make it happen for India after rain Gods almost wreaked havoc. Gary got videos of Harbhajan’s magical performance against Australia in the 2001 series played in all the rooms of South African cricketers by conniving with the hotel staff last night. The performance played on their minds and they meekly surrendered to Bhajji’s spin bowling.

South Africa missed the chance to nail India and win back the top test spot. Hashim Amla was the most disappointed of the lot as he had to toil the hardest and the longest for the same pay as other South African cricketers. Gawk Eye, a new technology much similar to the hawk eye showed that Amla stayed so long on the pitch for his heroic effort that the length of his beard grew by and inch and a half from the time he came on to bat till the last ball of the day was bowled. "Shehwag would have hit 400 runs in the time that Amla hit 120 odd runs. We are pleased he will stay back for the one dayers," beamed an Indian cricket enthusiast.


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