We should play more against Bangladesh: MSD

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dada playing a good samaritan in Kolkata: Indian team taking bath at the Digha beach on the auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri
"Indian cricket needs as much support from its cricketers as its administrators," said Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni at a press conference in Kolkata. Ruminating the fact that India got just two tests to play against Bangladesh, MSD said that such administrative guffaws could cost India its number one ranking in tests. "I mean everyone was getting in the groove, Mishra's slow turners looked menacing, Sachin was having a good time and all our moves were paying off well. Just when it started to get interesting, the series got over!" lamented another cricketer on condition of us maintaining his anonymity.

On being asked how Sachin felt after getting out on 100, Dhoni said that with so much of experience behind his back, the little genius was no stranger to finding himself in such a situation at times. He was perfectly normal and even went to watch the premiere show of MNIK on Thursday night in Kolkata fearing that the film might not be released in Maharashtra.


Harbhajan, it is learnt, has been asked by team management not to act like another Kumble in the making. Bhajji's love for the doosra which spins as much as Anil's stock delivery and his other variety which is the regular gentle medium pace stuff is being criticised by all and sundry. "Everyone knows that Anil was respected for his behavior more than his bowling, I don't know what Bhajji will be respected for," said Mr. Cholaram Mandalam, a neighbor of S.Sreesanth. Ramesh Powar, another legend who played a few international matches and holds the distinction of balancing his entire body weight on his belly, has offered help to Bhajji. Harbhajan will probably accept the offer as he is said to have received an Uddhav Thackeray ultimatum on accepting or perishing. It must be noted here that Bhajji earns crores of rupees by turning up for Mumbai Indians (a misnomer some may say during current times). Looking at what happened to SRK, Bhajji is expected to agree.


On India's innings defeat against South Africa and decline in spin bowling ammunition, Bishan Singh Bedi, the Indian spin legend expressed deep concern. He believes that the advent of T20 is behind the decline. "How can such a vulgar form of cricket be allowed to usurp the puritan version? I think children should be kept away from it. If this is entertainment, we should have censorship."


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