Oh God, Yahan Par to Laash hai!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

As I switch on the TV, a familiar voice echoes from the speakers, "Oh Gawwd! Yahan par to laash hai". I do not panick because when ACP Pradyuman is at work, you need not fear. The bouncer alike Inspector Daya stands by his side as Inspector Abhijeet goes to minutely observe the lifeless corpse lying at the scene of the crime. C.I.D. amazes me with its consistency for 12 long years but what amazes me more is that despite the commendable work put in by these guys, they don't get promoted in ranks. ACP Pradyuman is ACP from time immemorial!
"Khoon Tumhi Ne Kiya Hai" - ACP Pradyuman scares the shit out of the suspect

I hestitantly pause for a second before making my mind to change the channel. There is hardly any need to wait to watch the proceedings further. If you have watched a few episodes of this iconic serial, you will know that the next step CID team would take up would be to go and chat up with Dr. Salunkhe. But I still keep my fingers, eager to press the change channel button, in abeyance until a commercial break comes as a mark of respect for the legendary serial.
If you discount the influx and outflux of lesser mortals in the serial, the only thing to have changed in C.I.D. over these 12 years besides Ashutosh Gowariker's exit is perhaps the hair on Dr. Salunkhe's head. Dr. Salunkhe's expertise lies in providing dramatic explanations for the cause of the death of the laash in question. He would dig deep into the viscera, injury marks and propound his theories which would later serve as the lead for CID team to work on. ACP and his team with Inspector Abhijeet at the helm start unraveling the mystery in a clinical fashion. They question the clueless security guard on duty, gather soil samples and drive through Mumbai streets to get clues on the suspects and motive of the murder. As the gripping and sordid tale of debauchery unfolds before your eyes, Fredericks comes on the scene to lighten the mood of the proceedings. The man is funny, not because of his sense of humor but purely because of his senses.

Fredericks emoting a tough scene
As if it was not enough for CID to be in the record books for shooting an entire episode of 111 minutes in one take, the creative team is hell bent on setting the bars higher. CID is the only serial in the history of television that remakes its own episodes every once in a while with the similar dialogues but changing a couple of guest artistes and their names. Just when I begin to get engrossed in the scintillating crime investigation, a commercial break ensues and I am shaken out of the CID trance. I switch the channel and land on something more engrossing..keep reading :)

Dr. Salunkhe explaning the autopsy report

ACP: Daya humein ye pata lagana hoga ki khoon kisne kiya hai
Daya: Sir, khoon pakke se khooni ne kiya hai
Abhijeet: Sir, humein qaatil ko dhundhna chahiye
ACP: Is khoon ke peeche koi to wajeh rahi hogi jo qaatil ne itni berehmi se qatl kar diya hoga.
Dr. Salunkhe: Wajeh nahi, bahut badi wajeh rahi hogi..tabhi to iske galey pe 5 nahi 6 unglion ke nishaan hain. Iska matlab ya to qaatil ne dono haathon se iska gala daba ke maara hai ya fir qaatil ke ek haath mein 6 ungliaan hongi.
ACP: Dr. Salunkhe aapki report aur kya kehti hai?
Dr. Salunkhe: Litmus test se ye bhi pata chala hai ki khooni ne baayein haath se qatl kiya hoga 
ACP: Abhijeet, saare naake seal kar do aur pata karo ki sheher mein kitne log baayein haath se kaam karte hain
CID rocks!! (Inspiration: A C.I.D. community on facebook)


Himani Sharma said...

mast dialog hain....for some reason however I never liked CID because of its dialogues and predictable plots....I use to love Byomkesh bakshi

Neha Nandakumar said...

LOL.. good ol' CID!!! Good read :)

WORMS said...

Awesome ....Complete Entertainment

Sensible Garbage said...

@himani: Byomkesh Bakshi ran for 13 weeks, CID has been running for almost 13 years. CID is not abt the plots anymore, its abt the peoples' sentiments attached with it. Forget Byomkesh Bakshi and try to watch CID in a new light, you will enjoy!

@Neha: Thank u

@Sumit: Complete entertainment to India TV hai. CID to uske saamne trailer bhar hai bas ;)

Satyajeet Gulia said...

mast hay sir.....Should write a book on it .... " C.I.D Vs Crock Bond" OR "Daya Vs Captian Dhruv".....

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